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Training for long distance triathlons, when you are in your mid 40's, places a tremendous amount of stress on the body.   Dr. Maloy has allowed me to keep on track and avoid the typical injuries that can cause weeks of downtime and setbacks.  I personally believe that it is because she is not only brilliant at what she does, but because she also understands what is going on with the body and the mind of an athlete.  Her care involves not only treating the symptom, but figuring out the cause of the problem, before the symptom becomes a problem or injury.  I can confidently say, without question, that without her help, I could not continue to compete in Ironman distance events. Thank you Dr. Maloy.


Multiple Ironman 70.3 Finisher

Ironman Coeur D'Alene Finisher

Ironman World Championship Finisher

Scott L.

Parker, TX

I started seeing Dr. Maloy after completing the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  I was having pain around my left knee and my right hip.  It had gotten so bad I could barely run.  I had less than six weeks until my first Half Ironman.  Dr. Maloy used her ART and Chiropractic knowledge to help me finish my 70.3.  I also won first place in my age group in my next sprint triathlon.  I highly recommend her to anyone. She knows how to get you back into racing form!

Multiple Ironman 70.3 Finisher
Avid Sprint Triathlete
6 x Half Marathon Finisher

Nancy W.


Before we began working together we made a specific agreement from the outset that established my race goals, training guidelines, and what we both expected.  Together we identified my strengths and weaknesses.  Jason tailored my program to these, as well as to fit my life's schedule.  Jason was always mindful of many aspects of training:  physical, mental, emotional and logistical.

Specifically Jason's weekly training schedule was a great tool to keep me on track and motivated while increasing my level of fitness.  The program is specific and easy to follow.  Jason uses a coaching style that is balanced well between science, technology and old fashion hard work.  Jason remained a positive influence through injuries, work changes, family scheduling and the general bump in the road.  If I ever missed a work out his response was "no worries just pick back up and continue training."  This positive approach got me to race day with 100% confidence.

Recently Jason and I focused on running for a few months and put the DRC Half Marathon (B race) and the White Rock Marathon (A race) as our primary focus.  We continued to mix in a few days of swim and cycling, but focused specifically on speed work and building endurance.  We were able to knock out some major goals this year.  I completed the DRC Half in 1:35 minutes (PR by almost 15 minutes) and I finished the White Rock Marathon in 3:29 minutes (PR by 15 minutes).  Not only was Jason in constant communication throughout training he was on the course on race day cheering his team on and giving advice.

A great athlete once told me "Don't get ready!  Be ready!"

Thanks Jason!!!

Drew E.

Dallas, TX

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